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About the Driftless Trading Company

Driftless Trading Company, LLC was founded in 2015 in Richland Center, WI. We started as a salt packaging and distribution company with a Wisconsin based trademarked label along with the bulk distribution of Canadian mineral salt.

In June of 2015, we brought our Wildlife Mineral to the market. In September of 2015 we opened our retail outlet featuring Driftless area goods and apparel in Spring Green, WI. Our store features products are local, natural and handmade!

We are often asked how and why we came up with the name "Driftless" Trading Company for our business. Simply put, it was because of the love for this region of the country.

There is no doubt that there is something truly fascinating about this region of the Upper Midwest commonly known as "The Driftless." It covers parts of four states—Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota—that all share a shoreline with the Mississippi River. The Driftless area was spared the glacial activity that leveled the rest of the Midwest landscape. What is left is a common culture of tucked away hills and valleys, where small-scale farming, a respect and love of nature, and close-knit community are a way of life. The land of the “driftless region” consists of rolling, wooded ridges and valleys spotted with abundant natural trout streams, turkeys, and very large deer; making the region an outdoorsmen’s paradise.

Many of us that grew up around here most likely take its beauty for granted. Whether you leave the area by land or air, you will soon miss the rolling hills and valleys, the streams that bring some of the best trout fishing in the country, the countless Amish communities and the most beautiful falls, winters, springs and summers.

Thanks for visiting our website and if you are ever in the area, please stop by and see us at 121 W. Jefferson St. Spring Green, Wisconsin!